·       you love to sing and have a strong musical ear (i.e., you can sing a melody without going out of key, hold difficult harmonies without wavering, learn difficult music quickly by ear, and are always willing to stretch your abilities)
·       you have the ability to follow along when viewing sheet music and can either read music already OR are willing to work hard to hone those skills with support from classmates and learning tools
·       you can groove & show a rhythmic connection in your body
·       are open minded to all different styles of music (from Avant garde classical music to jazz standards to Bach to Stevie Wonder to Bjork)
·       you LOVE choir, understanding that in an ensemble, team support and team efforts are more important than solo pursuits (Divas & Devos need not apply!)
·       finding grace for one another during times of frustration, and having a healthy dose of humility, is something you can bring and honor in this community
·       you have ability to come to rehearsal regularly, on time, prepared, and with a positive and teachable spirit (putting aside the frustrations of the day or personal opinions that conflict with the activity at hand), and having patience with yourself and others
·       you are open to committing to light movement and simple choreography while singing (no experience is necessary)
·       you are open to traveling offcampus, regionally, and potentially, internationally

AUDITION PROCEDURE:  Held Monday & Tuesday the First Week of Each Term*

·       Read the "Overview of Choirs" (see tab on the blog:
·       Yes, singers sing in both Chamber Singers and Glee Club concurrently with few exceptions at the prerogative of the Director
·       No, there is no Jazz Choir during fall or spring—January term only—with limited space for undergraduates and separate audition process in early October.
·       There is one identical audition for Glee/Chamber Singers and this includes two parts: PART I is a screening/assessment of individual voices, and PART II occurs as “callbacks”
·       Due to the high volume, we meet some students before the first day of class. Everyone, regardless of WHEN they do the assessment must come to the first day of class, during which we teach 1-2 group songs (useful for Call backs), go over course requirements and supply required dates for the fall.
*Jazz choir auditions occur in October (a separate process).
*For spring term, auditions are during fall finals week (some exceptions allowed; contact Director)

Screening/Assessment: this is to determine if the skills you bring will allow you to learn music quickly and accurately enough to join the choir this semester, OR, if we recommend prerequisite work as a first step (i.e. taking Voice Class, Piano Class, or Music Fundamentals). In the room for your assessment will be Dr. J, Director & Sharon Kim, Asst. Director, and sometimes 2 to 3 section leaders from the previous semester; occasionally another music faculty member will sit in.

What to Expect, Step-By-Step

1.    First: sign up online via Doodle scheduler for a time slot (link is provided on the blog's home page (, and is also here for your convenience:
2.    Arrive 15 minutes early to your audition time to fill out an information gathering form, meet some friendly returning singers, and to relax
3.    When your name is called, supply your info sheet and be prepared to answer related questions to shed light on your background
4.    Sing a simple vocalize provided to you (e.g. 123454321) so we can hear the quality and range of your voice
5.    Sing a major scale up to the 9th degree and back to 1 with the piano, then without the piano, and then in harmony with someone else.
6.    Listen to a musical fragment and sing back what you hear as accurately as possible; each new example is progressively difficult
7.    Sing a 60 second a cappella song of your choice, ANY style
8.    We may ask you to also sing Happy Birthday to Me
9.    We post names for the call backs on the blog at the end of each audition day


Held Thursday during class the first week of classes (5pm), or, later during an extended Lab time depending on the volume (7-9pm). For spring, call-backs are during fall final’s week in the fall. You can download the audition piece online (from the blog:, or, you can grab and keep a copy the first day of class (during our orientation).