Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Welcome New & Returning Singers!

Interested in the choral activities at Saint Marys 2015-16?
STEP 1- Read the overview of the choirs (LEFT TAB if viewing desktop/select "home" on top menu above for drop-down options)
STEP 2- Read audition information (left tab/tab from drop down menu above)
STEP 3- Watch our candid unedited live performance videos to see what we do (below)
STEP 4-Sign up online (link is below AND on the auditions page)
RETURNING SINGER? No need to sign-up for assessments but (1) you MUST attend the first day of class (Tue Sep 1 @ 4:45pm, Art Room 105) and (2) you are automatically invited to "call-backs" Sep 3 7-9pm in the Chapel which you must pass to be enrolled

- Auditions are Monday, Aug 31 & Tuesday, Sep 1 (sign-up HERE)
- Attend the mandatory meeting/overview for all interested singers: Tuesday, Sep 1, 5pm Art Room 105
- Questions? Don't hesitate to Email Dr. Julie Ford: julie@julieford.org

World Choir Games, July 2014 (Gold Medal performance: Shenandoah, arr. James Erb)

World Choir Games, July 2014 (Gold Medal performance, Shadow of the Day-LinkinPark/J Ford)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Congrats - Unanimous Superior Ratings at the Napa Choral Classic!

Dear Choral Students,

Sharon and I are very grateful to you for working so hard to present a truly beautiful program last Thursday. We know how hard it is to balance all the pressures in your life – homework, class schedules, sports, labs, commitments to your families /spiritual life/ friends/ roommates – and yet we all prioritized coming together as a team to realize our greatest potential at this time! What an admirable and rewarding accomplishment.
MORE ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: colleges and high schools in the area participate in the Napa Choral Classic because of its very high quality adjudication: some of the nation’s best adjudicators /clinicians are flown in (this year from Texas, Delaware, and Long Beach). Another great benefit to your efforts yesterday… three more high-profile people known about our program, and our school. For fun, you should read about our adjudicators from yesterday (Jing Ling Tam: http://world-projects.net/home/educational-faculty/choral/103-dr-jing-ling-tam; Paul Head: http://www.music.udel.edu/about-us/faculty-staff/Pages/paul-d-head.aspx, and Rob Eistadt:  http://www.fullerton.edu/arts/music/faculty_Pages/istad.html ). I am so happy for their feedback, and deeply honored to have sat beside them to serve as adjudicator and clinician for a portion of the event. I will share more of their feedback when I see you Tuesday.

This is great visibility for SMC and the performing arts department, so your efforts (like efforts of those before you), will benefit those who follow. Be well - and again, thank you and BRAVO!!!
- Dr J & Sharon