The SMC choirs are widely recognized for expressive and heart-felt performances achieved through a strong commitment to high musical standards, mind-body-spirit engagement, disciplined preparation, and focused participation. The ensembles place a high value on growing as performers and musicians while building a sense of community. The courses focus on building musicianship, authentic artistic expression, self-responsibility in learning music, absolute punctuality, consistent attendance, individual and group preparedness, projecting positive-attitudes, and bringing a "teachable spirit" to every rehearsal. The courses are specifically designed to accommodate non-music majors (most of our singers are non-music majors), and performs 4-6 times each semester including two end of the term concerts.  If you are willing to work hard, have a passion for music, and treasure the value of making music within a supportive community, these choirs are the place for you!  Dr. Julie Ford is director of all three choirs, and Sharon Kim is the Assistant Director and Accompanist for Glee and Chamber Singers. 


CHAMBER MUSICIANS - Liturgical Music Training  (Perfa 019-02) This group of students who enjoy supporting music for weekly mass (can will commit to leading music in mass on 8pm, Sundays), will meet with Dr. J to prepare music in advance and work on singing, playing, cantoring, and improvising Liturgical music. In addition to play for mass each Sunday during the fall academic session, this group will meet for 1 hour during the week at a time to be determined. Non-audition; all skill levels invited.

GLEE CLUB and CHAMBER SINGERS: One choir, one rehearsal schedule, two genres!
- Tue 5:00-6:25pm, Art Room 105 (dinner break); resume for "lab" 7-8:15pm in the chapel
- Thu 6:00-8:30pm, main Chapel (no dinner break)

Glee Club:  repertoire is largely a cappella (occasionally with professional rhythm section), is performed with amplification when possible, ideally includes beat-boxers (vocal percussionists). and are performed with movement, blocking, and modest choreography. We dedicate about 2.5 hours a week on this repertoire. Perfa 019-01 or -08; either section is fine: .25 units; lab fee is $75)

Chamber Singers covers wide range of classical literature spanning the centuries and in a variety of languages. A major work is often performed in the fall. We dedicate abour 2.5 hours a week on this literature. Perfa 019-06; .25 units; lab fee is $25) 

JAZZ TECHNIQUES: ensemble work is known as JAZZ COMBO (Perfa 012-08) Meets Mondays or Wednesdays, 5:15-6:20pm. This is a small group of auditioned/advanced vocalists, pianists, bassists, guitarists, with select brass players who learn 3-5 pieces to perform with the jazz band in concert during the fall. Course content includes improvisation and jazz style performance practices. Permission of the instructors is required and is mostly geared to music majors or minors OR non-majors and minors who are juniors and seniors.